The Fayette County Memorial Library acquires, collects, and houses materials on local history in various formats to support the genealogical research of library users.


These materials are housed in the Evelyn W. Robertson Genealogy Department on the second floor of the Fayette County Memorial Library.


Most of the materials housed in the Robertson Genealogy Department are published privately and therefore hard to replace. These materials are also often older and fragile. In order to ensure that the materials in the Genealogy Department are preserved for future use, FCML’s Genealogy Department is not open for general public use.


Patrons who wish to do research in the Genealogy Department must make an appointment. You may do so by calling 205-932-6625. Prior to your appointment, it’s recommended you send ahead an idea of what you are looking for. This allows staff to have items pulled for you at the time of your appointment.


Walk-in requests for genealogy research may be denied.


Rules for Use of Robertson Genealogy Department


  • Patrons must be accompanied by a staff member at all times.

  • Patrons are not to touch materials without express permission of staff.

  • Materials can be photocopied or scanned. Copies are $0.25 a page; scans are free.


In order to be the best possible stewards to our materials, the Genealogy Department is monitored at all times by security cameras.