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Reading is one of the most powerful ways to boost your child's brain power. The concept is simple; the rewards are priceless. 

Fayette County Memorial Library wants to help parents prepare their children for one of life's big milestones: kindergarten. Research has proven over and over that children get ready to read years before they begin their formal education. The most effective way to get your child ready to learn is to read to them. With that simple and enjoyable act, children learn pre-reading skills such as understanding the sounds letters make, developing a bigger vocabulary, and building background knowledge--all important skills that help prepare children for learning to read and enter kindergarten. 

In addition to helping prepare children for kindergarten With our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program, we hope to:

  • foster a love of reading,

  • build an appreciation for the library,

  • promote healthy and happy bonding time for children and their caregivers

How does it work? 


Sign up at Fayette County Memorial Library and receive your program materials.

Track Your Reading

Track the books you read with your reading journal 

Every Book Counts

Even if your child wants to hear the same book again and again, you can count it each time. You can also count book your child hears in storytime, in daycare or preschool, or with a friend or family member, as long as your child listens to the entire book. 

100 Books Milestones

Each time you read 100 books, bring your reading journal to the Library and receive a special reward and have your picture made. 

1000 Books

You did it! Stop by the Library and receive a free book along with other goodies. There will be a celebration held each calendar year for all children who met their goal. 

Beyond 1000

Don't stop at 1000! Keep reading together; there's more learning ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can we really read 1000 books? 

Yes! If you read one book a night, you can reach your goal in 3 years. If you read three books a night, you could reach your goal in just one year. 

My child will be starting kindergarten soon. Is he/she too old to start?

A child may start at any time before they begin kindergarten. Depending on how close your child is, you may have to adjust your gals. No matter when you start, though, you can likely accomplish more than you think. 

Do we have to read to books from Fayette County Memorial Library?

No, you can read books from anywhere--your home, the doctor's office, preschool, Grandma's house, other libraries, etc.

I read the same story every night to my child. Can I count that book more than once? 


I have more than one child I read to. Can I count the same title for each child?

Of course!

Can I count books read to my child by others?

Yes! Count any books that are read to your child, no matter who reads the books. It can be a brother, sister, grandparent, babysitter, teacher, etc. As long as they hear the entire story, you can count it. 

My child has an electronic game or app that reads the story to him/her if he/she chooses. Can I count that?

While it's a great start to reading, if your child is only pretending to read, you shouldn't count it. If your child has memorized a book you read together frequently and can read it themselves, then go ahead and count it. 

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

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